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Temple Of Tiermes biography and discography


Temple Of Tiermes is a Finnish esoteric ritual industrial noise duo in existence since 1994 . Formed by Jarkko Toivonen and Mikko Aspa .
Using various instruments and objects such as guitars, analogue synths, metal percussions and junk metal, they create an original meld of sounds taking its roots in ritual / industrial / noise and psychedelic music .

Hypnotic and dense with overloaded basses and a strong old-school industrial touch .

Discography :

-Self released .
-Edition of 5-10 copies .
Later re-released by Freak Animal Records MC 1998
- Edition 28 copies .

-Edition of 210 copies .
Kaos Kontrol K\K 00 
Comes with a booklet containing photography by Sarianna Tamminen.

Later re-released by Soulworm Records CDr 2003 
-Edition of of 333 copies .
DVD case, full color pro cover, pro disc labelling, 12-page glossy b/w booklet .

Freak Animal Records ‎– Freak-CD-023
-Edition of 300 copies .

1st edition limited to 300 copies. Most of the material was recorded in early 2000, except "Grossartige Explosion" was recorded in 1995, "Delirium" and "Opiat-Istar" in 2001. Mixed in August 2001 .

Later re-released by Mask Of The Slave records MC 2013 
-Edition of 100 copies .
-Limited tape reissue with bonus track “ Strom.Ec / Temple Of Tiermes Collaboration". Originally released on CD in 2004 .

Most of the material was recorded in early 2000, except "Grossartige Explosion" was recorded in 1995, "Delirium" and "Opiat-Istar" in 2001. Mixed in August 2001. Bonus track recorded and mixed between 2000-2013. Tracks are numbered sequentially from 1 to 8 on the sleeve

Telakka CDr 2001 
Neuroscan.Org ‎– T.O.S.008
-Edition of 77 copies .

-Recorded live at Telakka 8.1.2001, Tampere Finland. 
Housed in metal box with painted logo on the front. 
Includes MPEG video.

Related releases :

Tiermes -

Tiermes - Tiermes CD 1997
Elfenblut ‎– S.A.G.II, Elfenblut ‎– s.a.g. II
-Comes in transparent purple jewelcase. Rear cover is black on both sides; tracklist (and the "sun" + "T I E R M E S" of the front) is printed on the jewelcase.
1st on disc, 2nd on rear cover spine

Tiermes - 210 LP 1997
Freak Animal Records ‎– FREAKLP 004
-Edition of 210 copies.
-Each sleeve being hand-painted by members of the band. 
This album was later reissued on Kaos Kontrol.

Later re-released by Kaos Kontrol Records LP 2001
-Edition of 210 hand-numbered copies.

Tiermes - Promo CDr 1998 
-Self released 
-Edition of 14 copies.

Tiermes ‎– 777 – Ra.Ar.A. CDr 1999
-Edition of 100 copies 
Cdr has glow in dark hand painted psilocybe swastika logo , wrapped in black tar-paper and rusty numbered plate of metal.

Tiermes - Solanin CDr 2001
-Edition of 3 copies 
Handmade CDr-cover and infosheet,
Some tracks released on "Tiermes ‎– Sag III"

Tiermes - Malahvia CDr - Saaren Levy 2005
Edition of 653 copies .
CDr is wrapped in a black sheet of paper and tied with string, contains a poster .

Tiermes - SAG III CDr 2010 
-Self released 
-Edition of 14 copies .
Comes in a black double-DVD box with CDr titled "hernaq" "containing MPEG-,JPEG- and WAV-files and 1 insert with information. Each copy has partially handmade covers

Appearances :
Temple Of Tiermes - Gtr-Universe-7
Various ‎– Kaos Ex Machina I CD-R 2001
Kaos Kontrol ‎– K\K 008
Live recording of the Kaos Kontrol festival in Mäntsälä, Finland 3rd of June, 2000. Comes in a black double-DVD box with six inserts with photos and information. 
Limited to 290 copies.

To begin with , think of a tree , what makes it grow , and what’s the meaning of it’s flesh . 
Nature is mirror image of cosmos , chaos within harmony is the law , and the law is to set in scales , lines and tempo direction is organic and can be understood as the truth . 

To see complete view as it is , the unnatural modern meanings of distance and perspective must be added with four alterations which are power , truth, tempo and motion to feel the power you must have full sense of instinct .
To have direction your flesh must be complete.

To be in or set the tempo , you must understand and feel the law .
Motion is living time and shall be used as a measurement in two ways , horizontal and vertical .

For and behalf of Tiermes .

Email : temple.of.tiermes [ at ]

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